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David_McCallum David McCallum was born in Glasgow on September 19, 1933. His father was a musician and as a result he also started taking interested in music and learnt oboe. He appeared in several British films and then moved to US. Here he acted in many movies such as ‘The great Escape’ & ‘The greatest Story ever told’. However, true success eluded him till he appeared in TV series ‘U.N.C.L.E’. His portrayal of shy, introvert and intelligent secret agent Illya Kuriakin was appreciated by audience and gave him a big fan following. Initially, the character was not fleshed out extensively. However after watching McCallum’s performance and the rage amongst the audience, Producers of the show decided to make Kuriakin’s character a mainstay of the series. The contrast and the chemistry between McCallum & Robert Vaughn’s relationship on screen also helped in popularizing the show. McCallum also received two Emmy nominations for the series.

McCallum continued to appear on TV screen in US, Britain and Australia. His voiceover for the documentaries, ‘Titanic: Death of a dream’ was also appreciated. Then he appeared in NCIS as Dr. Donald Mallard. Here again he put up a convincing performance by extensively studying forensic sciences.

David McCallum has seen lots of Ups and down in her personal life. He married Jill Ireland and they had three sons together. However Jill deserted him for Charles Bronson, who was his co-actor in ‘The Great Escape’. Then he married Katherine Carpenter in 1967. David’s adopted son Jason died in 89 after excessive administration of drugs. David & Katherine are currently living in New York.

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