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Lon_Chaney_Jr4 Lon Chaney JR is known as “Wolf Man” he was born on 10th February 1906. Belonging to an artist family, he also became a leading star of horror, monster and science fiction movies. His father was the famous actor Lon Chaney and his mother Creighton Chaney was a theater singer. Lon Chaney JR was raised by his father after the scandalous divorce of his parents. He studied in boarding schools till his father married second time to Hazel Hastings. Lon Chaney his father did not want him to come to show business.

Lon Chaney JR was sent to study for Business Administration. His personal life was tormented by the loss of maternal love. He was not given the chance to meet his real mother, and was told that she had died. After his father’s death in 1930 he came to know that she lived. His father used to criticize his height by saying that he was too tall for Show Business. His first wish was to become a song writer. Released in 1939 his favorite role was as Lonnie Small, in “Of Mice and Men”.

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